New Jiang Nan Garden collection

New Jiang Nan Garden Collection is a beautiful series of hand painted scenic mural designs based on classical Chinese themes, Including floral and nature scenes which were traditionally used on screens and other decorative objects in China. The style of painting done today is in the same historical style that was used on the original wallpaper that was so popular in Europe starting in the late 17th century, when these wallpapers were first exported from China. The same painting skills used by Chinese artists thousands of years ago are still used to create these lovely wallpapers.

Pheasants Heaven

The design has 20 continuous panels with no repetition of design elements, allowing for a continuous scene of 60 lineal feet.  The design offered 5 colorways, custom colouring is available.

Click the picture to see the design in full panel, To view the full 20 panels design layout, please contact us or our representatives