Hand making allows for extensive customisation to fit any environment


Wall paper designs and scenes can be to fit a rooms particular layout, dimensions and over windows or doors. We work with you to adapt the patterns into your design scheme for a


We can change the scenic design: for high or low ceilings, alter the decorative design elements (such as add or remove flowers or birds) and bespoke design according to your specifications


We can do any colour and many luxury finishes such as ageing, gilding, embroidery, to suit your interior design scheme. See our sample books for the available options of materials and colour charts or supply us with your colour references for matching.


Our Story

Our roots are in the heritage of ancient Asian hand painted interior surfaces that have been appreciated through the centuries by the East and West and are still relevant to contemporary interiors using the highest quality techniques and skills. Our bespoke made to order and hand painted and embroidered wall coverings, fabric and resin surface materials are the creation of David Qian who has a deep understanding of his heritage’s culture.



Hand painted Chinese wallpaper dates back to 18th century, created for the British market for the growing fashion of imported porcelain, silk and lacquer. Chinoiserie symbolising the exotic, elegant and glamorous, were integrated into homes through textiles, furniture, and wallpapers. Traditional arts and culture, dating back 1000 years to the Tong dynasty, inspired Chinoiserie style wallpaper.


How To

Designs are available in different colours and finishes painted and printed onto various materials with further hand embroidered finishing. Colours can be matched, designs adjusted to fit wall elevations. Decorative elements of the patterns can be added, removed or customised. Contact us for an appointment to see our sample books and explore customising our products to suit your interior design requirements and schemes.