Handpainted Wallpaper

An extensive range of luxurious designs rooted in heritage for classical or contemporary interiors with rich material possibilities of Silk, Mica Silk, Gilded metallic, (Also available hand painted with embroidery ), Cut and glued paper, Abaca and Vinyl. Handmade and customisable by choosing a backdrop colours and finishes from colour chart or matching to the client’s sample. Decorative design elements can be added or removed. Scenes can be adjusted to fit wall elevations



Many of the patterns and designs of the wall coverings can also be custom printed and hand finished with embroidery. We control the printing process to achieve the highest standards and results suited to our clients needs.


Surface Materials

 The skills of hand painted cloisonné are used to create unique and durable resin finishes that are ideal for wall panels, flooring and furniture. Hand made and like all our products, they can be colour and design customised